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Emily’s love for horses is her guide as a trainer and teacher.   With over twenty years immersed in top dressage training, showing and breeding farms,  Emily has learned from and worked closely with international trainers and professionals. She has worked with USEF coaches, Olympians and participated in clinics with Scott Hassler, Bert Rutten, Judy Harvey, Debbie McDonald, Bo Jena, and JJ Tate among others.  

Emily’s complete knowledge base, from foal to FEI is unique, and she offers a correct, classical and empathetic system of training.  Emily takes pride in producing horses who have a solid and correct foundation so they can be prepared for the demands of the sport. Her horses have gone on to successful FEI careers with their riders. She is proud to produce horses who are a pleasure for both Professionals and Amateurs to ride. 



"As an adult amateur, I’ve known many trainers over time, and none as skilled as Emily Covington. With a gentle approach yet clear guidelines, my mare and I always exceeded my expectations, and I never left her lessons with anything less than a huge smile and grateful heart. When I went overseas on a Fulbright grant, my mare went to graduate school with Emily Covington. My mare left Maine with a good foundation and mind and came back with a clearer connection, improvement in all her gaits, and superior work ethic. She’s a better athlete, but also a happier horse, having been classically trained with skill and compassion." -- Ellen Taylor, PhD , Professor of English, University of Maine

"I have referred many clients to Emily and each responds with rave reviews! Emily's careful, thorough and correct attention, in addition to her sensitive, thoughtful approach produce a confident, happy, willing athlete. I wholeheartedly recommend Emily and know that her honest feedback and faithful handling of your horse's needs will yield a successful and happy partnership for all involved." - Susanne Hassler, International rider/trainer

Hassler Dressage at Riveredge,

Chesapeake City, MD

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