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Emily works with a variety ages and breeds. Having successfully started dozens of young horses under saddle in the classical system, she's proud to add this depth of knowledge with each horse that comes to her in training. Each horse has a program thoughtfully tailored to the individual. A correct foundation is created systematically, with the training scale in mind: Rhythm, Suppleness, Contact and Impulsion,  Straightness and Collection.  A horse who is confident, engaged and enthusiastic in his work is always her goal. 


Emily offers a variety of cross training methods to help a horse be fit  and content in his work, including  correct lunging, long lining, cavalletti, free jumping and hacking out. Emily believes creating the right foundation will enable each horse to perform to his best capabilities while promoting long-term soundness. 


In addition, Emily’s background in managing elite dressage horses  gives her a tremendous foundation to share with her clients. Whether a horse is for pleasure riding or a serious competitor, Emily understands good management, which includes attention to nutrition, great farrier and veterinary care, and supportive management practices, will enable horse and rider a successful partnership as they work towards their goals. 




Emily has been motivated by the beauty and harmony of great riding since childhood. Years immersed in top training environments with world class trainers have deeply influenced her as a teacher. Emily has a unique ability to clearly explain to her students, from beginner through FEI,  how to develop a correct and influential seat,  how to ride a movement or achieve the elusive feeling of true harmony and connection with their horse. 


Through her knowledge of how each movement or exercise benefits the horse, she breaks down lessons in clear, systematic steps for her students so that both horse and rider can succeed. She loves the moments when her students find new feelings of harmony and effectiveness with their horses. Emily is a true educator who enthusiastically supports her students' journey whether towards greater connection with their horse or competitive success up through the levels. Her positive, effective and thorough teaching style has won her loyal students across the country. 

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